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TMI – Too Much Information!

I am overwhelmed! I have been researching essential oils for pets, especially cats, and there is so much information out there! Much of it is controversial, contradictive, or just ranting about what a business says that isn’t true. It is going to take me forever to weed through it all. To add to that, I went to B&N today and got a “few” books. One I really can’t wait to read…The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook by Claire Davies. Its for humans…not pets…but is still very useful. Then I have “The Cat Herbal” by Claire Nahmad, and the books I already have on essential oils to read… and still do schoolwork. Hmmmm… when will I ever get the reading I want to do…educational…done and GET my school reading done…AND get my recreational reading done… Like i said, TMI!!