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Additional Information I forgot I wanted to Post

I forgot there were some things that I wanted to post so that I don’t forget them…. I signed up to be an independent consultant for doTERRA if anyone is interested in purchasing their products…very good essential oils, beauty and spa products, supplements, etc. I have been using the facial products for about two weeks now and I like what it is doing…still working on the essential oil stuff so will have to get back about how well it is doing. If interested check  out my site – http://www.mydoterra.com/thymeinmygarden/

I am also going to create another page on this blog for writing articles, posting article links, and such. I am collecting so much information – especially about essential oils and cats – that I want to write an article myself with information I am reading about, what I am learning, and what I can find. If anyone is interested in writing an article for this page, I will also post a link for you to submit your article for review before posting. Please include all references, preferably in APA format. Happy writing!


Aromatherapy for Pets

I have been researching essential oils since I bought some…very expensive by the way… and wanted to know if they were safe to use around my pets…of course, after I spent all that money! Anyway, the more I research eo’s for pets the more I am worried about using them, much less using them on the animals. I know they are good for me, and many are good for my dog, Checkers, but I worry about using them around my DSH, Parker. Its gonna take a LOT of research and maybe even a class in aromatherapy for pets…but I will find out what is safe, what isn’t, and what I can do to help myself and my pets using essential oil! Another crusade! Yahoooooooo