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Business Information

I have been working on my marketing paper today and every time I come across a link that could possibly help me in my business in the future…well, I save it or rather I bookmark it. I found some great new sites today that I need to review when I get time… most of them need to be reviewed WHEN I get time…not sure when that will be though! I know I will need a business plan and a marketing plan, but I think now I need to create a “Getting Started on Starting a Business” plan. I need to take all that I have learned so far in school, create a binder, insert information from each class that pertains to each subject, then start creating a step plan of what I need to know and a schedule of when I need to know it. I also need to include my education in on this plan. Maybe even research on suppliers, potential suppliers for various items besides herbs, oils, etc. and potential suppliers for the “cottage industry” side of the business (if I decide to continue that idea). I started a list of “tabs” for a binder, but I don’t know where it has disappeared to. As soon as I find it, I will add it to this blog so that I don’t lose it again.