Herbs I am Learning About

I will post what I’ve learned about each herb as I study it. This will consist of links for information and research. Anyone interested in learning about the current herb will access that link and it will give you as many links as I can find about that herb, how to grow it, how to find it, how to harvest it, how to use it, what it is good for, what to be careful of…. and anything else I can think of!


2 responses to “Herbs I am Learning About

  1. I’ve been learning about willow and nettle so far. I am not sure what I have learned though. My memory sucks! What I have learned about where nettle is concerned, though, is something I want to learn more about. In the eBook Herbal Infusions, Rosalee talks about how healthy and nutritive nettle is and some of the benefits sound like something I could really use… especially now that I have so much to do and to learn! But I have to do schoolwork now so it’s off the herbs and onto Finance! Oh, bother!

  2. Today I have been reading up on Goldenrod and some other “wildcrafted” plants. I need to find out which ones are in my area, but the website http://www.holisticwisdom.org/ has some really good articles about wild crafting and finding plants in the area that are edible and good for you.

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