Monthly Archives: July 2013

Change in Directions

I have been away…far away…from my blog for a long time. I was surprised at how long its been since I’ve posted! Over a year! But things have changed and so has my direction. I will be finished college in twelve more weeks, with a Bachelor’s degree in environmental sustainability issues. I have tons of information gathered from businesses that I hope to send out letters of interest to – hoping for a job in return! My herbal studies have been put on the back burner right now. First, because of school – I just haven’t had the time to do both; second, because I am moving – yup, moving. My mom and I are getting a house together to raise my nephew, Gavin. We got custody of him in April, but he’s been with us since December 2012. But in the new house I have my very own workroom/office. I’ll be able to organize, study, create, and get back to what I love. Meanwhile, hopefully I will be doing a job that I love in a field that is my second love! Here’s to wishing!