As Time Goes By

Its been over a month since I have posted anything. I know last time I posted I said I would try to keep this blog up and post links or information at least a few times a week… well, I haven’t but I will this month. I started my second subject for my bachelor’s degree program and it seems relatively easy. There is a lot of reading to do though… a lot!

I have been gathering information, searching out websites and copying down “recipes” at least a few days a week, though. I will have to add the websites where I am finding most of my information. I like Henrietta’s Herbals and Herbal Index Online. I’ll add those links in a few minutes. I also have a cool link for Classic Texts. Lots of links for herbalism and medical herbalism there but old texts. Cool to read and keep track of!

Bought two new books last month. “The Holistic Herbal Directory” by Penelope Ody, which is a cool directory of herbal remedies for everyday health problems but given from the standpoint of three traditions: Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Its really fascinating. I don’t have the other one handy to write down the information right now… in my office… but I will get it later and post it. Pretty informative as well.

Well have to head back to work! Oh, I forgot! I am signing up for an herbal course that last sixteen weeks, and will give me a traditional herbal certification when I am done! Its about $200  and it’s 8 lessons in various herbs. It comes with lecture CDs, a lesson book, resource kit that has 14 herb samples either in dried form or in a tincture. It teaches you to make 3 tinctures by yourself and 11 teas. Its through the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, Inc. so it’s a pretty good program. There are also some other classes they have online. This one is considered beginning to intermediate. Then there is the Fundamentals of Herbal Actions and Formulations (Intermediate), Vitalist Therapeutics and Acute Symptoms (Intermediate), Adverse Effects of Common Herbs (Intermediate), Insulin Resistance: Pathophysiology and Natural Therapeutics (Intermediate/Advanced), and Material Medica Intensive (Advanced). They plan to have a distance learning course “Certificate in Western Herbalism” come out by December 2011 that will be a comprehensive 304-hour certificate course. They estimate it will take about two years to complete. The above mentioned courses are included, plus Fundamentals of Western Materia Medica I, II, and III, and Fundamentals of Vitalist Medicine.  The whole course will run about $2,000 . I hope to do that whole program in time, plus the Master Gardener programs well. I want to start sending out resumes soon, possibly within the month to see if I have any chances of a better paying position but I don’t know how that will go. Scotti doesn’t think anyone will be willing to hire me due to my age and lack of experience, but Scotti doesn’t consider the extra help I have from God… We wil just have to see!

I haven’t had time to work on the business plan, but I am learning a lot that I will need to know through my classes. Getting a lot of ideas and a lot of advice for starting my own business…

We will just have to see! TTFN!


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