Monthly Archives: May 2011

Change in plans

I think I have to rethink all of this. Studying on my own – without a curriculum – doesn’t seem to be working. Granted, I am coming to the end of my sophomore year of college and things have been kinda hectic… but if I can’t do this, I can’t learn herbs. I need a real curriculum that will get me actually certified. But I can’t afford one right now. … need to do some more research to figure out how I am going to do this and which way to go….. until then….


Slow Down

Its been slow in keeping up with my herbal studies, though I did do some wildcrafting a few days ago. Between my FM acting up and the weather being so ridiculous, I haven’t been feeling great and its been all I can do to keep up with school. I hope to do some work on it this weekend though. It’s Mother’s day Sunday and I don’t plan to do anything but relax. I’ll do my schoolwork on Saturday evening so I can have all day Sunday to do what I want to…for a change!