Not a Bad Day for Studying!

I had a pretty good day all around. Got the grass cut out front (had the devil of a time with that stupid lawnmower!) and even got a little garden cleaning done! I did my schoolwork (failed my Finance quiz as usual!) and got onto HerbMentor to start studying! I reviewed the Herb Basics Lesson 1 and 2, read Village Herbalist Lesson 1 – Home and Hearth (got lots of recipes to use for housecleaning!) and updated my to-do list for studying.

My sister sent me a link for a website for supplies It has a lot of supplies and stuff, oils, basics, wax, etc. for when I actually get to making stuff besides infusions and tinctures! LOL There were some recipes that I copied into my Herbal Research OneNotebook (thankfully OneNote copies the website so I will remember where I got it from and remember to give credit where credit due!)

Last Day of Unleavened Bread tomorrow, then back to work on Tuesday… ugh!

Tomorrow’s a busy day so I really need to get to bed early! LOL after staying up til 2 most nights, this won’t be easy! But I will watch one show online and then bed it is!


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