Things have been slow!

Unfortunately, things have been really slow with my progress. I haven’t had the time to review any of the videos that I should have done by now, and I haven’t had much time to research the plants assigned. I have just been so bogged down with schoolwork and housework! I finished my schoolwork for today and plan to listen to a video or two tonight before bed.

I have been updating my OneNote, though. Originally, I had my Herbal Research Notebook and then I started an HerbMentor Notebook, but it was making things way to confusing. I combined the two and am working on the Herbal Research Notebook, instead. I have added some more “notes” to the Notebook to cover the things I might need to remember from HerbMentor as well as any other lessons that I might take that will help me with my studies.

I also posted a few new links, if you get the chance to check them out. I am always on the lookout for new websites to glean herbal information from and add it to my Notebook! There is just so much out there to learn!

Well, TTFN. Have a great night!


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