One step at a time!

Yesterday, I listened to HerbMentor “Learn Your Plants” Lesson 1 – Welcome and started on Susan Weed’s lesson on the seven rivers of healing.

I think being different is going to be more of a challenge than I thought… with some of the ways that most herbalists handle health and healing. I don’t believe in chakras or something universal guiding us. I am a little on the fence about Reiki because I don’t know anything really about it. But when I do finally learn how to help someone, I want them to learn from themselves and from God. I don’t want to involve other spiritual beliefs or followings, but just a natural way to heal and doing our part towards our healing. I believe that God heals us according to our faith and His will. But we are expected to do something ourselves. If something we are eating is harming us, or if the way we eat is harming us, or something we do is harming us – we need to change these things. We need to learn to evaluate the physical things we do that could be harmful and change these, then leave the rest up to God.

But that isn’t always going to go over well with everyone. New Age herbalists have a different way of thinking and evaluating than I think I will, but it will be interesting to see how I can use what I learn from these various beliefs and incorporate them in a way that follows God’s laws and commandments. It will definitely be a challenge!


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