I am making progress… little by little… but not as much as I would like. School and my FM got in the way this week, plus a killer sinus infection. I watched the Herb Basic lesson for herbal infusions the beginning of the week, but haven’t had time to do much of anything else. I want to listen to the “assignments” I gave myself hopefully this evening. All my schoolwork has been posted, a new schedule prepared for this week, and just waiting on Communications to post the DQs for this week.

I got nettle this week, too. I haven’t had the courage to make it up for myself, but if I am not willing to take this stuff, how can I convince someone else it is good for you?! I plan to make it up tonight and drink it tomorrow.

Haven’t gotten my taxes accepted yet. Turbo Tax screwed up something and it got rejected three times. I plan to print it out and mail it in… hopefully everything will go okay. I really need that money now more than ever! I have so much to pay off, pay down, and to repair. Ed still thinks there’s definite progress with Chase, especially since I got the Executor of the Estate papers. Now I have to contact him to get him to pick that up and my last two paychecks… I hope they decide soon about this. I don’t know what I am going to do if they say no… but it will all work out.

I haven’t made much progress on my first goal… again… I don’t know what is wrong with me. I really need to get my act together… especially since next week is Passover! I’m tired of things going wrong and I know that He will support me and help me through all things and anything. I just have to get back to a point where I can listen again.

Well, gotta run. Need to get to WalMart for groceries and printers ink (so I can print out my taxes!) and then get ready for work tomorrow. I need to work on keeping to my schedule better than what I am.

Ta Ta for now!



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