What Can I Say?

I’ve been doing some reading for my lessons. I read “Herbal Infusions”, one of the eBooks posted on the site. I am already looking for sellers to obtain the herbs Rosalee talks about in the book. I am not sure how much I will like drinking an infusion every day, but like she said, I can play with some of the herbs to obtain better flavoring. I want to get some agave as well because I don’t like honey and I don’t want to use sugar.

I haven’t had much chance to do much on my lessons except read the eBook and start reading and researching Willow. I plan to listen to some of the videos today – Herb Circle, HerbTV, or whatever on HerbMentor. There is a lot of reading involved that I have to schedule into my day, along with my reading or assignments for school. I set up a calendar with four sections per day. I have one section for Personal; one for Finance; one for Communications; and one for HerbMentor. I enter what I need to do for each of them daily so that I can make sure that I do everything and not just get involved in my herb “stuff” to the exclusion of all else! I tend to do that….!

I got a little sidetracked when posting today – found TONS of articles to link to so will have to add an “article” widget to my blog! Cool!


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