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Not a Bad Day for Studying!

I had a pretty good day all around. Got the grass cut out front (had the devil of a time with that stupid lawnmower!) and even got a little garden cleaning done! I did my schoolwork (failed my Finance quiz as usual!) and got onto HerbMentor to start studying! I reviewed the Herb Basics Lesson 1 and 2, read Village Herbalist Lesson 1 – Home and Hearth (got lots of recipes to use for housecleaning!) and updated my to-do list for studying.

My sister sent me a link for a website for supplies It has a lot of supplies and stuff, oils, basics, wax, etc. for when I actually get to making stuff besides infusions and tinctures! LOL There were some recipes that I copied into my Herbal Research OneNotebook (thankfully OneNote copies the website so I will remember where I got it from and remember to give credit where credit due!)

Last Day of Unleavened Bread tomorrow, then back to work on Tuesday… ugh!

Tomorrow’s a busy day so I really need to get to bed early! LOL after staying up til 2 most nights, this won’t be easy! But I will watch one show online and then bed it is!



I have been reading up on wildcrafting this evening. I want to learn what the plants in my area are and what they are good for, especially ones that affect allergies, like ragweed. I want to learn what plants work best on combating allergies because Jenna and Dani suffer so much from them.

Reading about Goldenrod, I found that it works great for cat allergies! Of all things! I think that is what Dani sufferes from the most… her cats are all over her bed and she doesn’t wash her bed linens often enough to get rid of their dander.

I need to figure out what the plants are and what they are good for. I think I remember somewhere the recommendation of contacting the local government for local plants. Maybe they will have a guidebook or something that shows me what they look like. Will have to look into that!

Things have been slow!

Unfortunately, things have been really slow with my progress. I haven’t had the time to review any of the videos that I should have done by now, and I haven’t had much time to research the plants assigned. I have just been so bogged down with schoolwork and housework! I finished my schoolwork for today and plan to listen to a video or two tonight before bed.

I have been updating my OneNote, though. Originally, I had my Herbal Research Notebook and then I started an HerbMentor Notebook, but it was making things way to confusing. I combined the two and am working on the Herbal Research Notebook, instead. I have added some more “notes” to the Notebook to cover the things I might need to remember from HerbMentor as well as any other lessons that I might take that will help me with my studies.

I also posted a few new links, if you get the chance to check them out. I am always on the lookout for new websites to glean herbal information from and add it to my Notebook! There is just so much out there to learn!

Well, TTFN. Have a great night!

One step at a time!

Yesterday, I listened to HerbMentor “Learn Your Plants” Lesson 1 – Welcome and started on Susan Weed’s lesson on the seven rivers of healing.

I think being different is going to be more of a challenge than I thought… with some of the ways that most herbalists handle health and healing. I don’t believe in chakras or something universal guiding us. I am a little on the fence about Reiki because I don’t know anything really about it. But when I do finally learn how to help someone, I want them to learn from themselves and from God. I don’t want to involve other spiritual beliefs or followings, but just a natural way to heal and doing our part towards our healing. I believe that God heals us according to our faith and His will. But we are expected to do something ourselves. If something we are eating is harming us, or if the way we eat is harming us, or something we do is harming us – we need to change these things. We need to learn to evaluate the physical things we do that could be harmful and change these, then leave the rest up to God.

But that isn’t always going to go over well with everyone. New Age herbalists have a different way of thinking and evaluating than I think I will, but it will be interesting to see how I can use what I learn from these various beliefs and incorporate them in a way that follows God’s laws and commandments. It will definitely be a challenge!


I am making progress… little by little… but not as much as I would like. School and my FM got in the way this week, plus a killer sinus infection. I watched the Herb Basic lesson for herbal infusions the beginning of the week, but haven’t had time to do much of anything else. I want to listen to the “assignments” I gave myself hopefully this evening. All my schoolwork has been posted, a new schedule prepared for this week, and just waiting on Communications to post the DQs for this week.

I got nettle this week, too. I haven’t had the courage to make it up for myself, but if I am not willing to take this stuff, how can I convince someone else it is good for you?! I plan to make it up tonight and drink it tomorrow.

Haven’t gotten my taxes accepted yet. Turbo Tax screwed up something and it got rejected three times. I plan to print it out and mail it in… hopefully everything will go okay. I really need that money now more than ever! I have so much to pay off, pay down, and to repair. Ed still thinks there’s definite progress with Chase, especially since I got the Executor of the Estate papers. Now I have to contact him to get him to pick that up and my last two paychecks… I hope they decide soon about this. I don’t know what I am going to do if they say no… but it will all work out.

I haven’t made much progress on my first goal… again… I don’t know what is wrong with me. I really need to get my act together… especially since next week is Passover! I’m tired of things going wrong and I know that He will support me and help me through all things and anything. I just have to get back to a point where I can listen again.

Well, gotta run. Need to get to WalMart for groceries and printers ink (so I can print out my taxes!) and then get ready for work tomorrow. I need to work on keeping to my schedule better than what I am.

Ta Ta for now!


What Can I Say?

I’ve been doing some reading for my lessons. I read “Herbal Infusions”, one of the eBooks posted on the site. I am already looking for sellers to obtain the herbs Rosalee talks about in the book. I am not sure how much I will like drinking an infusion every day, but like she said, I can play with some of the herbs to obtain better flavoring. I want to get some agave as well because I don’t like honey and I don’t want to use sugar.

I haven’t had much chance to do much on my lessons except read the eBook and start reading and researching Willow. I plan to listen to some of the videos today – Herb Circle, HerbTV, or whatever on HerbMentor. There is a lot of reading involved that I have to schedule into my day, along with my reading or assignments for school. I set up a calendar with four sections per day. I have one section for Personal; one for Finance; one for Communications; and one for HerbMentor. I enter what I need to do for each of them daily so that I can make sure that I do everything and not just get involved in my herb “stuff” to the exclusion of all else! I tend to do that….!

I got a little sidetracked when posting today – found TONS of articles to link to so will have to add an “article” widget to my blog! Cool!