Getting started

I set six goals for myself today in HerbMentor.  I have a “few” goals this year…even though it is March 31st, I still have time to work on them.

So my first goal is to get my spiritual life in order and get back to where I need to be. This is the most important goal I can reach and it is the most important to me. I HAVE to do this in order to reach my other goals or I am destined to failure from the start!

My second goal is to start monitoring what I am eating and improve its quality and nutrition. I just went to the doctors for something and found out I had gained 12 pounds in just seven months!

My third goal is to get back into walking again. At one time, I was walking up to five miles a day and I loved it! I had so much energy and it relieved the stress that I was going through then. So I have to work up a plan for a walking schedule.

My fourth goal is to finish my second year of college with flying colors (only eight more weeks for this goal!), so I have to put my nose to the grindstone and read my assignments and textbooks.

My fifth goal is to start on an herbal course (which I did when I joined here!) and set a plan of action that gets me learning something that I have always dreamed of learning.

My sixth goal is to work on a business plan and goals so that I have a set time from in which to reach my ultimate goal – to have my own herb and garden shop! I have given myself a minimum of five years to reach this goal, but I really don’t want to go more than that. I want to finish my Bachelor’s degree; get a form of certification in herbology and aromatherapy that will guide me in growing and recommending herbs for health and home; get a Master Gardeners certification so that I know what I am doing when growing my herbs and garden; teach others how to grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables for their families and friend; help others learn to be self-sustaining and self-sufficient in their homes and lifestyles, especially in buying locally and organically; and create an environment that others will want to visit, stay and chat, and ultimately emulate in their own life.

Well, that sounds like a lot, and maybe it is, but each one is a step towards the goals I need in my life to find satisfaction and fulfillment. I am tired of the way my life has been going and it is time I took a hand in my future, instead of my future just rolling around!


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