I’m stepping out on faith today!

Okay, I joined Herbal Mentor today. It’s a monthly subscription but what it provides seems more than worth the $9.99 a month! After Friday, the price goes up $5,00 so that makes sense to joine now.  They offer a home study guide, a featured herb, a HerbMentor Radio, video library, an action guide, weekly quizzes and links to nourishing infusions! The courses are herbal basics, learning your plans, seven rivers of healing, the village herbalist, think like herbalists and plant the cure! I think I’m learning already! I will post what I learn and what is new there as soon as I get to go through the whole website. I ca’t wait to really scan everything and download all the stuff they have free! I’ll get back with everyone tonight after work and let you know what all I found! Have a great day everyone!


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