Today’s Update

Email today had some interesting postings.

In my email from Organic Gardening, there is an article “Making Your Own Royal Oil.” Its about a traditional skin treatment from the Pacific. It starts off with ..”for more than a decade, I have studied the traditional uses of plants…” thought that it might be worth saving. The link is if you are interested in reading it.  Its about ylang-ylang essential oil. Sounds very interesting if you can get the fresh flowers! The base is coconut oil, which sounds divine to begin with! While we can’t really access fresh ylang-ylang flowers here in the US, it recommends other “aromatic” flowers, particularly Damask roses! Wonder where I can get them? The writer recommends adding a capsule or two of vitamin E oil to each bottle (without the gelcap!) to “prevent oxidation that  might lead to rancidity.” The artiCLe also states that you can make your own “royal oil” by using essential oil with coconut oil for a quicker way to do it, but the traditional method sounds interesting and more rewarding!

I also found some interesting links On the Beauty link on the Organic Gardening website. “Heal Your Hands” – a recipe for “Hot Buttered Thumb”, a formula designed to nourish chapped skin and heal split cuticles; “Get Your Feet in Mint Condition” – A “moji-toe” pedicture from Tru Spa. ; “Bathing for Health and Well-Being” that has some interesting recipes for adding to your bath! “A Naturally Great Pedicure” – that might come in handy with summer and flip flops coming!

As for gardening articles, which you would expect on a website called Organic Gardening! – I found “Build a Simple Bird Water Garden: and “Basket Birdhouse” –, which really looks cool and I might try to see what I can find at the Dollar store to make up myself!

Finally, I found a link on their site for “A Pretty, Purposeful Wedding” – – for having a green wedding day! Will have to send that link to Jenna!

Found another link that sounds interesting and worth reading….”Blooming Great Groundcovers” – and “Garden Design” –

As for school… started my Finance class today. Instructor sounds like he is going to be interesting! In the Main Forum, he posted a thread for “NASCAR”… he’s a fan and wanted to find out if any of the class members were as well! That’s a first after two years of college!

Still haven’t done my taxes yet, so I don’t know what I will be able to do as far as taking “extra-curricular” course for herbalism this year. I haven’t even heard from Ed about the house yet, so….

Well, that’s my update for today. Of course, nothing has been solved, but I am plodding on! Happy gardening!


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