Another day, another dollar

Okay, to continue with my story….

So now I am in college, almost finished my second year… but what happens now? My next degree is in Business, but with a concentration in Green Enterprise Sustainability… not what I wanted, but that’s the only thing they have for the green market! The company I found through Green Careers sounds like exactly the kind of company I would want to work with if I had to do this for the rest of my life… but do I?

So I sat down and thought it all out…. or am in the process of doing actually… I have nine more weeks until the end of my Associates, then I have 28 days off before I begin my Bachelor’s. I don’t know if I can change my concentration between now and then, but I am considering some things.

Most herbology courses last about 24 months, or about 1600 hours. The American Herbalist Guild recommends a  more in-depth training with guidelines that develop a comprehensive botanical medicine education. The curriculum should have a minimum of 1600 hours study, with 400 of those hours in clinical work. The AHG recommends 200 hrs in Basic Human Sciences; 60 hrs in Botany and Plant Identification, 400 hrs in Meteria Medica/Therapeutic Herbalism; 80 hrs in Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy and Dispensing; 400 hrs clinical study; 20 hrs in Career Preparation/Practice Development (which I am getting in college already); and 40 hrs in History & Philosophy/Introduction to Research (which I am also getting in college… or will be). The East West School of Herbology, on Planet Herbs, offers a Professional Herbalist course, given up to two years to complete, and includes 36 lessons (for $1,899). At completion of course, one could “pursue a career as a professional herbalist…a clinical herbalist…” or for a serious student interested in more in-depth herbal training. They offer “personalized answers and evaluations to lesson test essays and projects; in-depth knowledge on how to use herbs for effectively and efficiently treating yourself and others; in-depth knowledge of herbs and how to use them clinically and therapeutically; in-depth knowledge of hot to differentiate and treat disease patterns (rather than diagnosis and treat disease) and to effectively and efficiently apply herbal remedies and formulas to those patterns; administer herbs according to their unique energies to treat specific patterns of illness; will give graduate a certificate in Professional Herbal Studies; ability to practice as a clinical herbalist; and capability of pursuing all professions in the field of herbalism and natural health (per the website!). They also include some pretty cool books and an online classroom, which is pretty neat! Supposedly the teacher is one of the world’s most respected and influential herbalists, along with another clinical herbalist/acupuncturist.  From what I’ve learned, acceptance as a professional member of AHG is the only national peer-reviewed process for the accreditation of professional herbalists in the US!

So far, out of all the sites I’ve researched… this one sounds the best.

The aromatherapy course I am considering is about 170 hours for the first level. The West Coast Aromatherapy website sounds like the next step in my education. They offer three courses in Aromatherapy, and one in Chemistry. The first class is about 170 hrs (20 lessons) and I would receive a Certificate certifying that I have completed the course and passed the exam. It contains a pretty in-depth curriculum, as well. They also include the Bach Flower therapy information, as well. There are books, DVDs, etc. that are included.  The first two courses combined are $985.00 and I can download everything directly from the internet onto my computer. The course is from Canada.  The exam is $74.00 extra and I would be eligible to join the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA), Aromatics in Action (AIA), and the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP). I could also join the Canadian associations, British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapists (BCAOA), British Columbia Association of Practicing Aromatherapists (BCAPA), Canadian Federal of Aromatherapists (CFA), and Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC).  They also offer a class in Chemistry online for those of us who have trouble figuring out the chemistry part of this all.

Okay, so now we know that the herbalist certification will cost $1,899 and the aromatherapy certification will cost $985.00. Since none of this is federally funded nor will my work reimburse me for continuing education, that’s almost $3,000 that I will need to come up with on my own. Granted, my income tax might cover most of it… some now, some next year… but ti will probably be another three to four years until I am finished getting these certifications. I can do the herbal one (I think) while I finish my bachelors, but now I am contemplating changing my concentration… to environmental science..?

The North American Institute for Medical Herbalism also offers some courses. Course one – Medical Herbalism – is 36 hours of reading, audio and lab (projects). It’s eight lessons and must be finished within sixteen weeks (four months) and costs a total of $200.00. Then there is the Fundamentals of Herbal Formulations (36 hours with certificate); six lessons and twelve weeks for $305.00. Then they offer a  course in Vitalist Treatment of Acute Symptoms, 12 lessons, 24 weeks for $504.00.  Then “Adverse Effects of Common Herbs” (8 lessons/8 weeks – $305)and “Meteria Medica Intensive” (24 hrs CE; up to eight weeks;  $269.00). They all sound really in-depth and something I would really like to do… so that’s adding another $1,613! You are also talking about another 2-3 years of classes.  But I could do some of that if not all of it after I am working on the business… hmmm…. I also saw somewhere about certification in consulting, but I can’t remember where.

Well, it’s turning into another very late night. I finished my accounting final and only have to do a grammar and plagiarism check. Will do that in the morning… or afternoon… depending on when I wake up!



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